Experience (GM p157)

Experience is awarded in units called Beats, 5 beats = 1 EXP. With the new God Machine rules, I will be awarding EXP communally to avoid issues of fairness and potentially unbalancing the party. Total beats earned at the end of a session will be divided by the number and players present and they will all receive that number of beats. I hope this will also help to motivate players to assist each other to achieve Aspirations and to role play well.

Gain a Beat when:

-game session ends
-good role playing, character development, strategy, ect.
-achieve an Aspiration (GM p151)
-fail a roll and choose a Dramatic Failure
-Resolving a Condition (GM p180)
-being negatively effected by a Persistent Condition (Flaw) (GM p180)
-take enough damage to have a Wound Penalty
-surrendering in combat

Spending EXP:

-Merit: 1 exp per dot
-Skill Specialty: 1 exp
-Willpower: 1 exp per dot
-Skill: 2 exp per dot
-Integrity: 3 exp per dot
-Attribute: 4 exp per dot


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